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You spend a lot of money attracting prospects and visitors to your website,

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“Conversion rates have been going up 56% since we started using WhatsApp Chat on our website, highly recommended”

Joelle Doe, CMO @ FrontLines

Why Is WhatsApp Chat Better Than Live Chat?

WhatsApp Chat

It's a warm recognizable medium which is more relatable to people

Even after the client has left your website, you can always reengage them into conversation

Always keep a record of each chat transcript even after the conversation is over for compliance purposes

Obtain real contact details and build out a business database

WhatsApp Chat

Seems foreign to people as most people do not use live chat on a daily basis to communicate

Once a customer left your website, there is no way in reengaging them again

Once you've closed the chat window the chat is gone. Some offer an option to save transcripts, but hard to find

Difficult to obtain real contact details by using live chat

How to drastically increase engagement through effective communication within your business...

Imagine if you could easily increase all of these things within your business:

Increase Visitor Engagement

Strengthen Your Online Support

Increase Online Bookings

Obtain Valuable Customer Feedback

Effective 2-Way Communication Is The Secret Behind Every Successful Business

Understand the benefits of effective communication on your website and within your business

Why WhatsApp Chats are so Extremely Effective



Strategically handle sales related conversations and boost conversions straight from your website

Help existing customers with product support

Manage existing bookings as well as being able to create bookings directly from your website

Obtain valuable feedback which is crucial for making future business decisions

Send Media, such as PDF's, photos, screenshots video and more

Share location maps with integrated GPS systems and full directions

Live Video Calls

Make phone calls

Share contacts and much, much more...

Feedback Chat

Here you can see a feedback form as a floating bubble. It’s always at hand for sharing clients’ thoughts. The bubble has a custom text and shows a badge notifying of a new message. A click on the bubble will open the chat window with a photo of manager and their name. The photo can be chosen from our gallery, if you fail to find one.

Onboarding Chats

To tell your clients more about your products or services, you can use an unobtrusive chat on your site. A chat bubble displays only an icon, without any text, and has a new message notification badge on it. A new set of colors was chosen for the chat: the header is light purple and the Start Chat Button together with chat bubble are bright purple.

More Examples Below:

See more options below by clicking on each option!

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  •     Option 2    
  •     Option 3    
  •     Option 4    
    Option 1    

General Live Chat

The power to speak to customers through instant message

This is the most common example of a WhatsApp messenger on a website. A Floating bubble option is chosen and the chat stays moderate but always visible for users. A recognizable chat icon is used in the chat bubble and the chat window has custom WhatsApp colors.

    Option 2    

Support Chat

Support is key to running a successful business

In this example, the header picture shows a photo of a customer support specialist and the caption is used to specify the reply time. Thus, users are sure that they are going to chat with a real person. This type of widget is a good variant of organizing technical support.

    Option 3    

Sales Chat

Boost sales conversions

A lot of interface customization made this chat window look unique and bright. You can see that the header was colored black and the Start Chat Button turned red and changed its original label. There’s a photo of a manager, his name and position on the header. That's how you can use WhatsApp chat to attract new sales.

    Option 4    

Booking Chat

Now you can take bookings directly from your website

This chat is used to help clients with booking, and the welcome message offers assistance with looking for options, thus attracting clients to start a chat. The header and the chat bubble are painted dark blue to remind of a popular booking service. Start Chat buttons is or original green color and shows WhatsApp icon.

Consultation Chat

Here’s a good way to consult clients about your offers. A Floating bubble can be aligned left, right, or center. The chat window header and the chat bubble are of the same color. The header shows a picture and the name of the chat person, and welcome message serves to help visitors initiate chatting.

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